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M.King Media Debuts a Thought-Provoking Story With Beautiful Imagery

A story that takes a well-known piece of the Bible and views it from a one-of-a-kind perspective

MESA, Ariz. - Feb. 7, 2023 --- M.King Media has debuted its 28th original animated story, We the 12 Disciples which follows the disciples and Jesus from the perspective of one of their own. Also released with the animated story is all-new artwork that showcases M King media's version of The Last Supper minus Jesus and the disciples. The artwork is titled "The Day After The Last Supper"

"I've always wondered, what would happen if we made our own artwork that would revolve around the Last Supper, what would it look like?" said M.King. "The second thing was, trying to create a narrative that.. focus(ed) on looking at the disciples in contrast to Jesus.."

Produced by M.King Media, We the 12 Disciples is executive produced by M.King who also created the original collage art. For more information go to

Production: We The 12 Disciples: 28th Animated Story

Description: This story will look at the 12 disciples from the standpoint of one disciple. Included commentary from M.King

Time: 10 minutes

Price: Free

Available at:


NEWS '23: Our Team
NEWS '23: Our Team
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