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BLOG 2023

Keep pace with behind the scenes Q & A's that share the thoughts & inspirations behind the latest media projects

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Q & A w/ M.King: Looking Back at a Troubling Past

In this Q&A we talk with M.King about his 3rd Special Report looking at how two Presidents handled dealing with the Jews as leaders of the USA

What made you want to look at such a crucial time in the nation's history?

M.King: To be very honest I became very curious about this when I was watching a documentary about how Truman said "I am Cyrus", as in the fact that he was the one who helped the Jews get into the homeland. I thought about that and I began to wonder about Roosevelt and how he felt about the Jews. Then I found out that he was not too particular to the Jews and I started to wonder did God have a hand in all this.

What was the most interesting thing to you about this special report?

M.King: The fact that it was interesting that if God allowed Roosevelt to stay in office, history could have been very different. Roosevelt rejected the ship of Jewish immigrants trying to bring some 900 or so Jews to the USA. Some say this was done in order to protect National Security with the looming threat of World War II. It's interesting to see how God allowed Roosevelt to die and allowed Truman to take office. I'll be it not a great time for him but, a great time for the Jewish population who was being rejected and killed all over the world seeking a homeland of their own

Do you think because of this people are going to see history in a different way?

M.King: I hope that people step back and really dig into history and really understand that God is not absent in time. He was always there and He was always moving and never forsaking His people as the word says.

Important Note: The 3rd special report, "Roosevelt, Truman & The Jews", debuts on March 14th, 2023

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Q & A w/ M.King: A Beautiful Animation About Jesus and the 12

In this Q&A we talk with M.King about his latest animated story "We The 12th Disciples"

Q: So this animated story was like a double project for you with the artwork as well as the narrative?

M.King: Yes it was, for starters I've always wanted to make artwork revolving around the Last Supper. I've always seen all these great pieces and I've always wondered, what would happen if we made our own artwork that would revolve around the Last Supper, what would it look like? The second thing was, trying to create a narrative that brought the same amount of emotion and the same amount of beauty that the artwork brought. I tried to focus on looking at the disciples in contrast to Jesus. How Jesus reacted and how the disciples reacted in situations and difficulties.

Q: So when it came to this story what were some of your inspirations that you used in order to help you get the Last Supper the way you got it?

M.King: I ended up using three different images, one of the images of the Last Supper is by an artist named Ben McPherson. His interpretation of the Last Supper is probably one of the most modern ones I've seen today. That artwork really helped me along with the other two to understand the way the table looked during the Last Supper. I really felt comfortable with having the communion cup and the bread, which really personified the Last Supper. One of the things I noticed in all three of them was that there was a white table cloth so that was one of the reasons why it was good to have three interpretations of the Last Supper.

Q: So in the end, when it's all said and done and people have listened to the commentary and watched this beautiful production, what do you hope people walk away with?

M.King: In the end, I hope people marry both the Last Supper and the narrative together. I hope they come to the conclusion that Jesus still called the disciples and knew everything wrong with him and everything right about them even Judas. He knew Judas was going to kill himself and he still called Judas to be one of the 12. I think that is so incredible and I think that is so powerful when you think about it. I hope people understand that God is no respecter of persons, He can use you in his kingdom to further his mission of making disciples.

Important Note: 'We The 12 Disciples' 28th Animated Story debuted on January 30th, 2023

BLOG '23: Our Team
BLOG '23: Our Team
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