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BLOG 2024

BLOG '24: Press Kit
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Q&A w/ M.King: A Media Initiative for St. Patrick's Day

During this Q&A with M.King, we talked with M.King about the media initiative being launched in March to celebrate St Patrick's Day

So this March is St Patrick's Day, this year M King Media is launching a media initiative for people to enjoy a past media project?

M.King: Yes, well as some people may know who've been with our ministry for a while, back in 2021 we did a mini-documentary on St Patrick. For a while it was free and for some time on our website it's been behind a paywall, well for March in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I would like to release it to the public for free, to enjoy and learn about the incredible life and faith that St. Patrick lived out.

So what prompted you to do this special initiative for St. Patrick's Day?

M.King: Well, actually it was 2 things that prompted this media initiative. The 1st was that originally we were going to do this as a way to encourage those going through tough seasons in their walk of faith. 

I felt impressed in my heart to do this because I just went through a season where I got in a car accident, spent a month looking for the car I now have, and for some time was dealing with my apartment complex to renew my lease, so all these things together really made me feel like I was under attack. 

The 2nd thing was that we were gonna do another mini-documentary until we saw that another faith-based ministry was doing something similar for St Patrick's Day and that helped to inspire us to focus on St. Patrick as well.

Note: St Patrick: Patron Saint of the Irish is a 12-minute and 57-second mini-documentary. It will be free to stream from March 1st to the 17th. 

BLOG '24: Our Team
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Q&A w/ M.King: Momentum to Move the Mission Forward

In this Q&A we talk with M.King about what was done to kick off 2024 and how it's helping to move M.King Media's mission forward

This year just started as a rough year for you but, it seems like there has been work going on behind the scenes to move the mission forward?

M.King: Well for starters yes the year has started off kind of rough. I unfortunately got in a car accident on the 23rd of January but, bless God I'm healing, it's not terrible terrible horrible pain it's just a little stiffness but, I'm healing.  I have also been working on the website and getting it more focused on our cause and pulling the website away from our 10th Anniversary. One of the ways we're doing that is we're changing our video players to YouTube video players and, we're also really trying to get people more interested in what we do and how we do it by changing some website write-ups.

So with all these changes you're making do you feel like it's a noticeable change or do you feel like it's a significant change?

M.King: I feel like it's certainly a significant change because this is us really trying to say "hey we're a non-profit organization this is our cause". Up until now it was us really trying to emulate more streaming services and really trying to focus more on different projects but, I think now it's us trying to say "this is our cause and this is how it connects to the world and this is how you can join us".

Note: To enjoy the changes at M.King, simply head to the website and look on the homepage and media page.

BLOG '24: Our Team
BLOG '24: Our Team
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