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NEWS 2024

NEWS '24: Press Kit
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M.King Media Wants Your Faith to Be Inspired by St. Patrick

MESA, Ariz. -- March 5, 2024 -- M.King Media would like to announce that from March 1st to March 17th they will be making one of their “Exclusive” media productions available for free. Normally subscribers must pay to view this content but M.King Media wants to remind people everywhere their faith has a purpose. The production being made available is called St. Patrick: Patron Saint of the Irish – A Mini Documentary.

M.King (Marcus King) had this to say about the recent initiative “I believe we as individuals go through tough times and look at the giants of the faith like St Patrick and reflect on everything he did during his lifetime as a slave who went back to the same people who enslaved him to share with them the gospel. We look at someone like him and think I could never measure up to what he's done, I could never be like him, and we're tempted to be discouraged but, at the end of the day what we must understand is that God isn't looking at what you've accomplished, he's looking at your faith in him”.

St. Patrick: Patron Saint of the Irish is a 12-minute and 57-second mini-documentary that is available from March 1st to March 17th for free at On their homepage scroll to “Ways to support” and follow the link.

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NEWS '24: Our Team
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M.King Media Links to the YouTube Community

MESA, Ariz. -- February 3, 2024 -- Whether it’s encouraging yourself or making yourself laugh, whether it's learning about the world around you or expanding your world with music, YouTube has certainly become a community unto itself and continues to grow as one, being used by churches and non-profits alike, now M.King Media is making access to this community even easier by combining its website with its YouTube account.

“The reason why we have linked our website to our YouTube account is to not only help foster a greater sense of community, but we also want to reach more people with the message of Jesus Christ,” said M.King (Marcus King). “You know beforehand I think we were more focused on trying to keep people at our website, but you know what that's not going to bring more people hope we want to spread hope”.

M.King Media is turning off its media players through WIX, and bringing in YouTube media players to encourage people to share their media and encouragement with both friends, and family so that they too can receive the hope that Jesus has for them.


NEWS '24: Our Team
NEWS '24: Our Team
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