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NEWS 2024

NEWS '24: Press Kit
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M.King Media Celebrates 11 Years of Making Christian Media

MESA, Ariz. -- May 20, 2024 -- M.King Media INC. makers of 'Creative Christian Media' today shared that the organization that to date has made more than 270+ media projects is celebrating 11 years of taking God's word and wrapping it in simple media productions.

"M.King Media began as a call from the Lord to reach the world by being creative through the vehicle of animated stories," said M.King, Founder and head of the board. " Back in 2013 when our 1st animated story was created, it was based on a devotional God gave me while I was in the Army, a devotional a Chaplain loved so much he asked to use it. Today we continue to seek the Lord just as I did 10 years ago and continue to believe that we are making a difference in lives around the world"

Offering countless ways to enjoy Christian media through its website and YouTube page, M.King Media continues to offer media productions that are short and motivating, productions that focus on questions that some wonder about in the faith, productions that are animated, and other productions that focus on news through the lens of the Christian faith and its not just limited to projects in front of the camera.

This spring, M.King Media has been steeped in internal projects to keep its mission moving forward, from updating WIX video players to YouTube players to focusing on improving the message of the website to even working behind the scenes on two new projects to help further M.King Medias mission.

"I feel as long as you keep God first, you are going to be led by him and he is going to give you (in due time) the desires of your heart." Said M.King. "For us, the desire has always been a way to bring in more financially so we can continue to grow, and updating/remodeling our website store, both of which after years of seeking God is finally underway behind the scenes"

To see the numbers for media projects over the last 11 years see below:

285 media projects to date:
105 “Motivate Moments”
86 episodes of “The Friday Blog”
28 Animated Stories
23 pieces of “Collage Art”
10 Devotion series
8 “Motivate” events
6 Mini-Documentaries
7 10-day Digital Devotionals,
5 Newscasts (NEW)
3 Special Reports
1 Milestone Special (NEW)
2 fasting and prayer events (ended 2021)
1 24/7 channel, (still running behind the scenes) 


NEWS '24: Our Team
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M.King Media Wants Your Faith to Be Inspired by St. Patrick

MESA, Ariz. -- March 5, 2024 -- M.King Media would like to announce that from March 1st to March 17th they will be making one of their “Exclusive” media productions available for free. Normally subscribers must pay to view this content but M.King Media wants to remind people everywhere their faith has a purpose. The production being made available is called St. Patrick: Patron Saint of the Irish – A Mini Documentary.

M.King (Marcus King) had this to say about the recent initiative “I believe we as individuals go through tough times and look at the giants of the faith like St Patrick and reflect on everything he did during his lifetime as a slave who went back to the same people who enslaved him to share with them the gospel. We look at someone like him and think I could never measure up to what he's done, I could never be like him, and we're tempted to be discouraged but, at the end of the day what we must understand is that God isn't looking at what you've accomplished, he's looking at your faith in him”.

St. Patrick: Patron Saint of the Irish is a 12-minute and 57-second mini-documentary that is available from March 1st to March 17th for free at On their homepage scroll to “Ways to support” and follow the link.

Stay Connected

If you would like to stay connected with M.King Media and get the latest news on media projects, blog posts, news, and other happenings join our monthly "Media Distro", sign up at the footer of our website and on our homepage at


NEWS '24: Our Team
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M.King Media Links to the YouTube Community

MESA, Ariz. -- February 3, 2024 -- Whether it’s encouraging yourself or making yourself laugh, whether it's learning about the world around you or expanding your world with music, YouTube has certainly become a community unto itself and continues to grow as one, being used by churches and non-profits alike, now M.King Media is making access to this community even easier by combining its website with its YouTube account.

“The reason why we have linked our website to our YouTube account is to not only help foster a greater sense of community, but we also want to reach more people with the message of Jesus Christ,” said M.King (Marcus King). “You know beforehand I think we were more focused on trying to keep people at our website, but you know what that's not going to bring more people hope we want to spread hope”.

M.King Media is turning off its media players through WIX, and bringing in YouTube media players to encourage people to share their media and encouragement with both friends, and family so that they too can receive the hope that Jesus has for them.


NEWS '24: Our Team
NEWS '24: Our Team
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