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BLOG 2020

BLOG '20: Press Kit
Q & A Dec'20A.png


Q & A w/ M.King: Let's "Seek" the Lord in 2021

In this Q & A, we talk with M.King about the up-and-coming fasting event "Seek 21" and just how this event will help people understand their identity is in God and not their past.

Q: 2020 has been such a trying year for everyone. How do you see the 2021 fasting event helping them get over some of the painful things they've experienced?

M.King: You know I really hope people understand that what happened in 2020 caught all of us off guard but, it didn't catch God off guard. You know if you focused on the Lord and really honed in on his word, last year could have really been a stepping stone. I think coming off the cusp of 2020 we really need to understand what God's word says about who we are as people. We need to understand that our identity is defined by God's word not by the circumstances and situations we go through.

Q: Can you help us understand what's the difference between "Seek 20" and "Seek 2021"?

M.King: Well the difference between last year's fasting and prayer event and this year's is last year we were looking at the prophets of old and why they were fasting. It was to encourage people to begin fasting and to help them understand that fasting is nothing new it's been done throughout the Bible for generations. This year we're going to focus more on helping people understand what their identity is in Christ Jesus and helping them look to the word to be more encouraged by what God says about them. 

Q: Last but not least, when should we look forward to having this fasting and prayer event?

M.King: This year's event like last year is going to be 10 days but we're going to do it a little bit earlier. This year's event is going to go from January 17th to January 27th, 2021

Q & A Nov'20 1A.png


Q & A w/ M.King: “God’s Will Versus Your Will” debuts soon

In this Q&A we talk with M King about his 3rd and latest devotional “God's Will Versus Your Will” and we find out why he wrote it and just what makes this one a little bit special for him.

Q: So your latest media project is “God's Will Versus Your Will” tell us a little bit about this project and kind of help us understand what inspired you to write it?

M.King: “God's Will Versus Your Will” kinda peers into the Bible and looks at the heroes of the faith. What we do is we look at their will and God's will and look at how focusing on their will didn't get the results they were looking for until they focused on God's will. So that's kind of the idea behind it that a lot of times we focus on our own will. We think our intentions are enough but, we have to understand if God's super is not on our natural then it's just all done in vain.

Q: So could you help us understand what made you want to write a devotional like this, was it something that just happened, or is this something you've been planning for a while?

M.King: Well, to be honest, I would have to say it's kind of a blend of each. It was kind of something that was on my heart for some time but, I guess it was just something that sort of just sprouted up in me. I really wanted to look at the people of the Bible and point out that they might look like they have it all together but they don't. There's a lot we can learn from these people of old you know they're not just in the Hall of faith just because they were faithful, there in the Hall of faith because they were people just like us. I think a lot of times we sell ourselves short as people Of God into thinking that I could never measure up to Elijah, I could never measure up to Abraham, I could never measure up to Moses or Paul or Peter but, at the end of the day, they were people just like us. The only difference with them is they took their life and pivoted instead of focusing on what they wanted they focused on what the Lord wanted.

Q: So at the end of the day with this new devotional what do you expect people to gain from it?

M.King: Well, all in all, I really want people to come out of this realizing that no matter what you're going through God has an answer for it and I don't just necessarily mean yay or nay. I mean somebody in the Bible has gone through something you've gone through you just have to look into God's word focus on it, do a little research, do a little digging and God will bring the answer to you. God will bring wisdom to you and that's what I hope this devotional does. It shines a light on the Bible in such a way that people step back and look at it and said OK that's different, I can relate to that, or I can pull something from this that I can do something with this to help a friend of mine or a family member of mine move forward.

Note: “God's Will Versus Your Will” will be M.Kings 3rd devotional and it will debut on December 7th, 2020 and it's available to be purchased for just a gift of $5

BLOG '20: Our Team
Q & A Oct '20.png


Q & A w/ M.King: Samson Comes to Life

In this Q&A we talk with M King about his up-and-coming animated story "I Am Samson" and just what made him choose such an interesting and one-of-a-kind biblical character. 

Q: So this next up-and-coming animated story will not only be your 23rd animated story but it will also be about Samson. So what made you go after this biblical character?

M.King: Samson has always been a biblical character that I have wanted to go after for quite a while. In the summer I felt like the Lord was finally allowing me to go after this character and it's really interesting because the collage art was made before "Motivate '20". Now here I am working on the story after "Motivate" so it's kind of something I've been wanting to do for quite a while.

Q: So when it came to making the collage artwork was it more of a challenge than you thought or was it easier?

M.King: To be honest it was somewhat challenging. I sort of knew what I was looking for but just trying to find everything to work together that was the challenging thing. I think I had to go back quite a few times and try to get everything to blend together cuz that itself was also a challenge so there were some challenges along the way with making this artwork

Q: So when it came to this biblical character did you know what exactly you wanted to focus on or was it just a lot of different things?

M.King: See it's funny because when it came to the artwork I've always been in love with the image of Samson pushing down the pillars and knocking down the temple on the Philistines but, when it came to the overall narration I couldn't just focus on that one thing so I had to figure out a way to focus on the entire story so it was interesting. In the end, I got to touch base on the little things that really made me think about what God did with Samson.

Note: "I Am Samson" will debut on Sunday, November 8th on M.King Media, YouTube, and Facebook

Q & A Sept '20.png


Q & A w/ M.King: A "Motivate" like no Other 

In September's Q & A, we talk with M.King about Motivate '20 and go behind the scenes of what it took to bring this years event to life  

Q: What made this Motivate so different than the previous ones?

M.King: Well for starters this "Motivate" took place in the middle of a pandemic so that's the 1st and 2nd this actually had a countdown before the event begin, so what I'm trying to say is there were actually countdown slides before this "Motivate" actually began.

Q: So what you're saying is this "Motivate" stood out more than the last 4 did?

M.King: Well believe it or not in more ways than one. This was actually the first "Motivate" to get its own press release before the event and this event was the first to collect donations via Facebook.

Q: Wait.. this "Motivate" actually got a press release... Really?!

M.King: Yeah so I've been wanting to do a press release for a long time now, the last few months or so. I've been doing research and really getting things together and I just felt the Lord really speaking to me to really put this event in a press release and believe it or not, it worked out well. I learned a lot and it's going to help open doors for us to do more press releases in the near future

Q: So lastly with all the changes which one was your favorite for this year's event?

M.King: You know when I think about it I really enjoyed the new graphics (we introduced new lower thirds for this event) and the second thing I really enjoyed was on Facebook we can actually do it where we can have donations and then I also enjoyed the slides before the event I really think that was super cool.

In the end, I think everything with this event came out well. I think we really polished the "Motivate" event for the next two years and really gave ourselves something to work with year after year kind of like a template to build off of.

Note: "Motivate '20" is now available to stream on our website, Facebook, and YouTube.

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Q & A w/ M.King: Episode 3 of ‘The Lord Is..’ 

In August's Q & A, we talk with M.King about episode 3 of the new series "The Lord Is.." titled "The Lord Is..... Very Great". 

Q: To wrap up the summer "The Lord Is...  is getting ready to debut its 3rd episode season finale, what's this episode about?

M.King: This one is gonna be about Psalm 104. It really talks about the majesty and splendor of the Lord, it talks about the creations of the Lord and the beauty that the Lord has created upon this Earth. It's going to really be a very interesting episode because Psalm 104 has about 35 verses.

Q: Wow so this episode is really gonna have a lot of pictures to align with the verses?

M.King: It's gonna be a lot more than usual but, for the viewer, it's truly gonna be a blessing for the eyes and ears and a great blessing for the heart as well. It's just like it says in the word "a merry heart doeth good like a medicine", so that's the hope for this episode; medicine for hurting hearts waiting on the Lord

Note: "The Lord Is.. Very Great" debuts on September 8th on, Facebook, and Youtube.

Q & A July '20 1A.png

JULY 2020 | BLOG

Q & A w/ M.King: Episode 2 of ‘The Lord Is..’ 

In July's Q & A, we talk with M.King about episode 2 of the new series "The Lord Is.." titled "The Lord Is..... My Rock".

Q: First of how has the summer been treating you lately?

M.King: The summer hasn't been too bad, still working my full-time job which I'm thankful to have as a provision stream from the Lord. We are working on the 2nd episode of The Lord Is... series and then to top it off just this past week, we officially announced "Motivate '20" which is coming on September 26th which is a Saturday. So we have a lot happening at this time, but you wanna talk about "The Lord Is..." correct? (haha) 

Q: Yes, So this 2nd episode is based on Psalm 28, why Psalm 28?

M.King: I like Psalm 28, not only because it’s a short one, but because it's straight to the point with David. This is what I’m dealing with because of my enemies, this is what you bring to the table Lord and this is what it does to me. You know when you look at the world around you, it just doesn’t work that way. You don’t have trials and tribulations and then praise, so quick. I think for a lot of people it will definitely show them that they can deal with burdensome things in life and still come out on top because of the strength and guidance of the Lord.

Q: Wow. Ok so switching gears, when this was being named did you have any other names in mind?

M.King: You know it was a toss-up between "The Lord is..... My Strength" or "The Lord is.. my Rock". It was really something I had to put thought into, but in the end, "The Lord Is... My Rock" won out because what are the odds you’re going to use that one again as compared to the name strength. So on the upswing, I can kind of save “strength”  for another time, haha

Note: "The Lord Is.. My Rock" debuts on August 7th on our website, Facebook and Youtube. 

BLOG '20: Our Team
Q & A Jun '20 1A.png

JUNE 2020 | BLOG

Q & A w/ M.King: A New Series 'The Lord Is...'

In June's Q & A, we talk with M.King about the new series "The Lord Is.." and what is in store for us this coming summer.

Q: So "The Lord Is..." what exactly is the whole idea behind this series?

M.King: The whole idea behind this series is to take a different approach to the Psalms in the Bible by adding a more modern approach to them. This happens by using modern pictures and a more modern version of the Bible to in essence really help people understand what was trying to be said back then.

Q: So with this being a series, how many episodes should we be looking forward to?

M.King: Well to be honest I really want to do three episodes during the summer and see how it goes, see how the reception is received, and then hopefully in the future, we can look forward to more episodes and more work being done in the series.

Q: Last year you took the summer off, this year you're working on a ton of a mini-series, is this something new we can look forward to in the future?

M.King: Yeah last year I did take some time off. Looking back, it probably wasn't the best thing to do but,  you know God allows things to happen for a reason and certainly, this year working on this series I do hope this is something people find different than our usual offerings during our ministry season but in the same respect I also hope it's going to allow me to have more creative flexibility and certainly make the summers a little more special

Note: "The Lord Is.. My Shelter" debuts on July 7th on our website, Facebook and Youtube.

Q & A May 20.png

MAY 2020 | BLOG

Q & A w/ M.King: Motivate Your Summer

This Q & A we talk with M.King about a project to have "Motivate Moments" every Monday during the summer.

Q: During the summer you usually take a break, why the change this summer?

M.King: We'll to be real, people's lives don't take a break. It's hard for someone to enjoy motivation for a certain period of time and then, have to hear the ministry is taking a summer break. I'm sure that's tough for people to hear let alone understand, so for this ministry, we plan on at least doing some sort of media to remind our followers of Christ's promises.

Q: So as far as it goes with Motivate Moments which type of subjects do you plan on covering during the summer?

M.King: We'll it's really gonna be a wide range of things, I wanna really make interesting points and really combine them with the word, to really give people a quick jolt of Jesus to carry them through their day to day circumstances. People really need hope during these tough times, of economic uncertainty.

Note: "Motivate Moments" will be taking place all summer long every Monday on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter starting June 1st.

Q & A Apr '20.png


Q & A w/ M.King: A Devotional During A Pandemic? 

In this special Q & A we talk with M.King about his newest devotional called "Blessed To Be A Dreamer" and why he believes God called him to debut it now.

Q: This has been an unprecedented time for people all over the world and during the month of April, God calls you to write a devotion, tells us how that makes you feel?

M.King: (Chuckles) You know I would have never imagined in a thousand years that this would have been our 2nd devotional and that now would be the time to debut it.

I mean it's interesting how during this time God is just moving through His people to speak to this very very broken world about His glory and you know I think this is gonna be a powerful time not only for the church but for the world.

Q: Amen, Amen, So do you think people will really be moved closer to the Lord by this new devotional? 

M.King: Absolutely, I truly believe that there are dreamers all over the world who are in a desperate place, where God is trying to speak to them and they are afraid and mad and frustrated and don't understand why they as dreamers are not seeing what God has promised and I truly believe God is gonna use this book to stir them up to rise above the circumstances and truly see the Lord through it all.

Q: Wow; so this devotion focuses on two dreamers in the Bible, how have these two dreamers impacted your life?

M.King: You know Joseph and Daniel have both really been encouraging to me ever since I was called to be a dreamer almost 20 years ago. Being a dreamer and hearing the Lord and having strange dreams, God has really used Joseph and Daniel to really show me that being a dreamer is not easy but it is calling that God truly cherishes and has a purpose for.

Q: Ok, so one last question. What motivated u to write this?

M.King: We'll, in all honesty, I wrote it because I tried for years and could never find a devotional that could encourage me as a dreamer, because it's not like dreamers are everywhere around me, so it's something that has been percolating in me for years, Haha so yeah it's interesting that God would have me write this now, it's almost like it's somewhat come full circle in helping this who are dreamers as well. 

Note: "Blessed To Be A Dreamer" will debut on May 7 on and can be downloaded for a gift of just $5 

Q & A Mar '20.png


Q & A w/ M.King: Great Faith In A World War 

This Q. & A. we talk with M.King about his next media project, which is a mini-documentary about a gentleman name Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy

Q: So with everything happening in our world, right now with Covid-19, what made you choose Geoffrey Kennedy as a subject for a mini-documentary"?

M.King: You know these are very stressful times here and now for many of dealing with a global pandemic, even for the church its rough and I really felt it was a great time to talk about someone who grew up in the church, who used unorthodox means to share the gospel during World War I.

Q: So you used the subtitled for this documentary "Faith & Cigarettes" why is that?

M.King: We'll when you see this documentary on Geoffrey Kennedy you'll be able to really understand that Geoffrey didn't 1.) Stop being who God had called him to be just because there was a war and 2.) You learn he saw a need on the front lines with the soldiers and instead of leaning away, he leaned in and that's what we as the church need to do during this time and that's lean in.

Q: Lastly when do you think this mini-documentary is going to make its debut?

M.King: You know with everything going on in our world I hope to get this done by April 4th. 

We're halfway done, almost there. 

Note: "Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy: Faith and Cigarettes" will be the 3rd mini-documentary to debut from M.King Media

BLOG '20: Our Team
Q & A Feb '20.png


Q & A w/ M.King: 7 months to realize "Sowing & Reaping"

This Q. & A. we talk with M.King about his 22nd animated story and how a time of prayer and seeking the Lord's face in the summer of 2019 has made a very relatable story.

Q: So can you give us a little background on this animated story "Sowing & Reaping"?

M.King: We'll yes this story, for the most part, started about 7 months ago during a time where I found myself wondering, where was God's provision for our ministry, and I was just at a place where I felt like I saw so many sowing and reaping and I was really wondering will God truly honor our sacrifice and allow us to reap.

Q: So you said it was done during the summer and you were wondering about God's provision, did God answer your prayers?

M.King: You know in the end God did answer the prayers, but it's always interesting because He didn't answer the prayers the way I expected & I really think that's something this story really looks into. The idea that when we are going through in our most desperate times humbly seeking the Lord, He is there with us willing to help us, but we have to be willing to seek Him His way in His word.

Q: Wow, so you made every effort to (it seems) take your experience and relay it through this story?

M.King: You know in praying about this experience one thing that always was on my mind was a farmer, sowing and reaping so that in hindsight became the theme of the story and a farmer in a field looking at the word of God with heads of wheat sprouting out from it became the art that was created.

Q: So at the end of this story what do u want the viewer to walk away with?

M.King: What I want every viewer after watching this story to come away with is the realization that we all go through trials and in those trials what we need the most is not our hearts desire or more money or anything that would give us temporary relief, what we need is something that will always be relevant for every season of life and that something is God's word. 

Note: " Sowing & Reaping" will debut on Sunday, March 1st, 2020

Q & A Jan '20.png


Q & A w/ M.King: A New Way to "Seek" ye First

This Q. & A. we talk with M.King about a new outreach being done this year called "Seek" and how this new event plans to help countless souls fast and pray for the new year.

Q: This year M.King Media takes a different route to begin the new year, but for you, this has been something going for about 11 years or so?

M.King: Yeah for about the last 11 years or so, I have always felt the need to set aside my plate and become more intimate with the Lord and His spirit. Ever since I started doing it I have very much felt like the presence of the Lord has grown in my spirit and increased in my life.

Q: Looking at fasting and prayer in your life, have you seen a lot in the way of breakthroughs?

M.King: Oh yes I have, to be honest with you looking back, it's tough to really think about it, but looking back 2 different breakthroughs come to mind. 

The first was around the time I started fasting in 2009, I remember I was praying and asking God for a new job and long story short, God directed me to go into the Army.

The second was in 2017 when I well lost my job, the Lord really helped me through that and within a month allowed me to get a new job in security.

So for me, there have been breakthroughs.

Q: Wow; so for those who are starting this journey of fasting and others who are carrying it into another year, what advice do u have to share with them to help them make the most of this?

M.King: We'll, to be honest, I truly believe the best way to go about this is to #1 and most important not do it alone. It's very important to have resources, like podcasts, videos, little daily reminders to help keep you encouraged along the way when your fasting and praying. It's very easy to get off track sometimes and forget.

Q: So if people want to know more about fasting and prayer, where can they go for more info?

M.King: If those reading this would like more info, they can head to our website and simply go to There we have some great resources to help people seek the kingdom of God deeper and deeper day by day.

BLOG '20: Our Team
BLOG '20: Our Team
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