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BLOG 2019

BLOG '19: Press Kit
Q & A Dec'19.png


Q & A w/ M.King: A New Website for A New Decade

This Q. & A. we talk with M.King about the new website and go behind the scenes as we move into a new decade in 2020.

Q: So this month after a long process M.King Media debuted a brand new website for all to enjoy, what was the process like behind the scenes?

M.King: Well, to be honest, it was a lot of research and to top it off, the web developer we use had to create a lot of the things we were using on the old flash website, so once the new responsive software caught up, we knew it was time to make the transition.

Q: So out of curiosity how many websites have been made in the almost 7 years of mkingmedia/mkinggoods ?

M.King: Hahahaha, honestly whether you believe it or not, this is version 13 of our website, and to be honest it is somewhat loosely based off our last website, which was believe it or not the first site to bear the M.King Media name and was used for about 3 1/2 years.

To date the longest website to be used continuously.

Q: So looking back at the amount of time it took to create the new website, would you say it was all worth it?

M.King: Oh yeah most definitely, I mean when we became M.King Media a few years ago and debuted our last look we were unclear of who we were as a ministry and as a brand, but since then we've become a non-profit, taken countless strides to improve our media offerings and very much expanded ourselves as much as we can to not only reach more people socially but also reach more people globally. So I feel like this new site is kinda like a comfortable pair of shoes that we designed, which helps us engage people better about what we have to offer and who we are today as a brand and ministry.

Q: Wow, so do you feel like this new site will bear the M.King Media name longer than the last one?

M.King: You know one of the things I learned from the last website, is that you have to be flexible and have a design that has to be able to ebb and flow with the needs of the ministry. That's one of the real reasons I feel like the last website lasted so long

Q & A Nov '19.png


Q & A w/ M.King: The Friday Blog Rides Again in Mid-December

This Q. & A. we talk with M.King about "The Friday Blog", a series that is marking its 6th season come mid-December.

Q: So one of the first web-series to debut from M.King Media, (in 2014) now hits its 6th season, how does it feel?

M.King: It feels tiring, it's quite a bit of work to work on these episodes, but it does feel great. You know to create something all those years ago, that's still around today, and reaching people.

It takes small steps to make a journey complete and I know this series has many steps yet to be taken

Q: So how much goes into creating each episode for this web-series?

M.King: You know creating these episodes is quite a bit of work, (a little more than most projects). The planning for this started in the early summer of this year and then once the idea is done, its time to create the dialogue. Once that's completed we film and edit and then upload. It's quite a process

Q: So when it comes down to the subjects for each episode, how long do those take?

M.King: You know it's funny, these can be compiled for months before the process begins to work on the season, I mean I have ideas now for the next season, that I've already started compiling.

Q: Wow so when it comes to this series, what's the goal and the aim for each episode?

M.King: The whole aim of this series is to take various items that you would find in your everyday life and encourage people to use them to share their faith.

Note: "The Friday Blog" Season 6 premieres later this December

BLOG '19: Our Team
Q & A Oct '19.png


Q & A w/ M.King: A Story Born out of Tough Times

This Q. & A. we talk with M.King about his 21st animated story that is very encouraging but was born during a rough time in his life.

Q: This month the animated story "Revive Me Again" debuts what's it all about?

M.King: Well the whole idea of the story is about a man at his lowest point praying in the valley to see the Lord move in his life again.

The collage art for this story is actually a man in a valley on his knees at night, with the stars in the sky and a silhouette of a lion behind him

Q: Sounds inspirational, but with a story so impactful and collage art to back it up, just how did this idea about a man in a valley praying to the Lord come about?

M.King: We'll, to be honest, this whole story just really came out of time during the summer where I was just standing outside every morning doing security and wondering, will the Lord ever revive my heart.

I was in a place feeling like I wasn't making it, and where the Lord was giving others all around me new jobs and here I am waiting on the Lord yet again. It was In that time this animated story was born.

Q: So in looking back at that time and this animated production, Do you have any words of encouragement to give to those who may be reading this?

M.King: Yes I do, you know we all find ourselves in places we didn't expect to end up, or in moments we didn't expect to be in, you know in all that we go through in and in every situation whether good or bad, the Lord is still in control.

So if you feel like today, you are being left behind by God's spirit or you are a spectator watching others "succeed" just remember that the Lord has his best in stock for you, and to top it off it has your name on it.

Note: "Revive Me Again" is available on our website as a side note Motivate Moments: Forest is available to watch exclusively on our YouTube Channel, just use the search term "M.King Media" to view it.

Q & A Sept '19.png


Q & A w/ M.King: A New Season brings us Motivate '19

This Q. & A. We talk with M.King about what went on behind the scenes of Motivate '19

Q: This month Motivate '19 was released online, Tell us what made this event different compared to previous years?

M.King: Well the first year in 2016 there was no filming because there were no cameras but for '17 the sermon was filmed and for '18 we did a live stream. This year was a whole new experience seeing that this wasn't done out of Noahs but was done in-house in our own studio.

For me honestly, I have to say this year was one of the most tiring and stressful, and the funny thing was that this year the production was filmed over 3 days.

Q: So this took 3 days to film and edit?

M.King: Yep, This took 3 days to film and edit. The 1st day I did the intro, the second day acquired the worship videos (courtesy of Life Church) and worked on the sermon and the last night I did the 2nd part after the worship, the sermon then finally the community service moment. So while all this was being done as I said, I was having to edit everything, so by the time Friday night came along, let's just say I was up late and only got about 2 hours of sleep.

Q: So this really was a very trying media production for you? In the end, would you say it was all worth it?

M.King: Oh most definitely, I mean seeing it all come together and going out and spending $114 dollars on food plus tip was well worth it. Doing these things especially doing something like this, (filming in-house) is definitely moving us to the next level of production, which benefits us seeing well start a new monthly media project called "Motivate Moments" in October.

So, in all honesty, I would like to think this rough introduction to in-house filming in our own studio is a good sign and not a bad one.

Q: So if everyone wants to see Motivate '19 or Motivate Moments where can they go?

M.King: If anyone wants to see Motivate '19 they can go to our website and click the Motivate link or watch on our homepage.

As for "Motivate Moments" this will start off on YouTube and eventually be on our homepage. Every month one will be done alongside our monthly media project and be no more than 3 - 4 minutes in length.

Q & A Aug '19.png


Q & A w/ M.King: Our 7th Ministry Season is off & Running

This Q. & A. we talk with M.King about what we have to look forward to both in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes as M.King Media kicks off its 7th ministry season.

Q: This September kicks off the 7th ministry season of M.King Media, how are things coming along?

M.King: You know that's the thing about taking the summer off, it's really a challenge to get back into things, but on the flip side it really gives you the time you need to rest and rejuvenate in order to plan and prep for the next season of media. So honestly things are coming along very well, as far as planning goes, lol.

Q: So for the 7th ministry season what should we be looking forward to?

M.King: You know this season will be the return of a lot of great media projects, 'Motivate', Animated Story's, Collage art, 'The Friday Blog' and a possible mini-documentary as well also there will be some new media projects, like 'Motivate Moments'. This new media project which will be a monthly media project will allow us the ability to motivate viewers throughout the year and to top that off we also have some new things behind the scenes, like our new 6ft tripod, new LED lighting, and a brand new broadcast set which will debut in time for 'Motivate '19'

Q: Wow! So to wrap things up, with the start of this ministry season underway, what would you say your most looking forward to?

M.King: Well to be honest with you I'm looking forward to really seeing what God is gonna do this season. I can remember in times past, where we planned something out, and when the time came to execute, something happened or something came up to where we could not do the particular project or do it the way we intended. So in looking at this season, I'm excited about what God is gonna do, I mean we have so much to be thankful for, so all we can ask in the light of what God has done is what's next?

Note: Motivate '19 (first media project of the season) will air Saturday, Sept 28th stay tuned for more details.

Q & A Jul '19.png

JULY 2019 | BLOG

Q & A w/ M.King: Thanking God for our Milestones

This Q & A we look back at the milestones of our 6th ministry season and talk with M.King about what milestones he is giving God glory for.

Q: So for those who don't know, how long is a typical ministry season for M.King Media?

M.King: A typical ministry season for us last from Sept to June the following year. Usually, for us, July and August are very quiet when it comes to media. This allows us time to rest, recuperate and prepare for the next season.

Q: So as far as this last ministry season, what are some things that stick out in your mind that remind you God is advancing M.King Media forward?

M.King: One milestone that pops out to me happened during Motivate '18. That was having the ability and resources to produce our very 1st ever live stream. Another milestone that took place was M.King Media making a 52.8% increase on Instagram between Sept and the end of June.

Another one is finally gaining a follower on Youtube and feeling like after years of trying to make the platform work that we are finally making headwind.

God has been so good to us these last 10 months and while the devil has wanted glory, all of our glory has no choice but to go to the Lord Almighty.

Q: Amen! So with this great season behind us, what do we have to look forward to in our 7th ministry season?

M.King: You know God is up to wonderful things behind scenes I see God helping us take the momentum from last season and using it to continue forward. I see us growing even more with Instagram and Youtube, I see us trying out new things from a marketing standpoint and I even see our Expansion 2020 plan winding down to an end in June of 2020.

Side note: For those of you interested in our Expansion 2020 plan check out our homepage and click the 'About' link at the top and check it out, and don't forget to follow us on social media

BLOG '19: Our Team
Q & A Jun '19.png

JUNE 2019 | BLOG

Q & A w/ M.King: Persisting Through the Dark

Have you ever had a time where you were being tested and felt like the Lord wasn't near? This month we talk with M.King about how he dealt with a tough spot in life this month.

Q: So for you, this month has really been a trying one, huh?

M.King: Yeah it really has been. It's ironic because around this month the ministry season begins to slow down for the summer and its not uncommon for my mind to wonder. To be honest, where it should have been was on the Lord and meditating on the things He's done, but sometimes things can get the best of you.

Q: So what could've been on your mind that could have kept you from meditating on the Lord?

M.King: Well to be honest with you, a lot of things. You know when you have goals and you don't see them moving in the direction you woulda hoped? Well for me I really felt like a lot of my goals in my health, my career, and my finances had all hit plateaus, almost as if God wasn't working on them, and I really felt the despair of it all.

Q: Wow, so going through something like this, how did it affect you?

M.King: You know it seems God has to put us in situations that look like they're going to take us to the cliff's edge but in all reality are really there to get us more focused on Him, outside our comfort zone in our prayer walk, or even to prepare us to speak to someone who is also coming out of a storm, which is my case.

I ended up really being able to relate to him and I personally feel that because I was in a storm and he was coming out of one, I was able to relate and take more time to share some hope with him.

Q: So what you've been going through has it come to an end? Has God pulled you from the dark?

M.King: You know, things are changing little by little but ill be honest with you, sometimes God will allow you to go through dark times in order to move you. Now what I mean when I say that is a said earlier how I had the friend who went through tough times but let me tell what else he did. He has allowed me to create 2 new animated story narratives for next ministry season and he has also encouraged me to move Into a new job path being a "Manny" (male nanny).

So when it comes to persisting through the dark... Am I still in it, it's hard to say, but am I coming out of it, definitely God hasn't brought me this far to leave me here.

Q & A May '19.png

MAY 2019 | BLOG

Q & A w/ M.King: 6 Years and Still Going Strong

This month we talk with M.King about his thoughts on M.King Media's 6th birthday and what it means to take this ongoing journey of faith for the last 6 years.

Q: How does it feel to look at something like this (M.King Media) and realize it's been around for more than 6 years?

M.King: You know it's really a two-sided coin. There is the part of me that looks at this and is full of this disbelieve that we have really been around for 6 years and the other side of me is in so much wonder at how God did it, and the fact that to be honest, God has done so much with this ministry, with so little. It really is truly amazing.

Q: When you say a disbelieve elaborate for us on what that means to you?

M.King: When I say disbelieve its more from the standpoint of looking at what God has done with this ministry since we started out in 2013. When we started it was just one piece of media and that was an animated story based on a devotional done while I was in the Army and that story was called "A Stone", now we are at our 20th animated story along with countless other pieces of media from collage art to mini-documentaries to devotionals to devotion series so it's really something to see how far God has really bought this thing.

Q: So another thing you mentioned was how God has done so much with so little in this ministry, how so?

M.King: You know overtime a lot of money has had to be spent on this multi-media ministry, but when I look at all that God has allowed this ministry to accomplish and share, through various types of Christian media, the money seems so insignificant when it comes to the countless lives that our media, has and can continue to reach moving forward.

Q: Lastly, when you look at the last 6 years, what one word comes to mind when you look back on everything?

M.King: Hmmmm one word, you know the one word I can think of is the word "faith". Looking back all these years, that is one thing the Lord has truly required of me is faith. To have to take steps of faith to expand the ministry and not see the finances or understand how the increase in bills or responsibilities are gonna be taken care of, its really been a step of faith, to have to pray and fast about these things and see the Lord come through at every juncture, it changes you; its hard but God sure knows how to be good, it just takes one step of faith after the other.

Side Note: M.King Media turned 6 years old on May 20th

Q & A Apr '19.png


Q & A w/ M.King: A Story about Saint Telemachus

This month's Q & A, we talk with M.King about the latest media project, concerning a saint who gave his life on a trip to Rome.

Q: Saint Telemachus, is someone in the Christian faith who is known as a martyr, for those who don't know about him, can you elaborate more on his life?

M.King: Saint Telemachus was a monk who was spoken to by the Lord to go to Rome, when he went to Rome, he went into the Coliseum and when he went there, let's just say he made a decision that would win him the disapproval of the crowd, but ultimately win him the favor of the emperor and many Christians today.

Q: Wow, so in respect to the current media project, how does he tie into it?

M.King: We'll with this media project, I wanted to look at the life of Saint Telemachus from the perspective of those who mourned for him and celebrated his life after his death, in essence, I wanted to write a eulogy for him from the believers' standpoint.

Q: Ok, so in the end what are you hoping people will gain from this media project about Saint Telemachus?

M.King: My hope with this media production is that people really take the time to learn from his example and realize that there is no example to small that our Lord can't use for the glory of His kingdom, we just have to have faith to respond when He speaks to us.

Saint Telemachus, our 20th animated story will debut on Sunday, May 5th

Q & A Mar '19.png


Q & A w/ M.King: Go with Jesus - Our New Devotional

This month we look at the devotional "Go with Jesus" our first devotional, and what it brings to the table for believers

Q: Last month we talked a little about the new devotion you were working on, now it's finished, tell us what was the journey like on creating this devotional?

M.King: Wow yeah, so this has been a very interesting 2 months working on this thing, looking through the Bible and really thinking and praying about what things to look at and really focus on in the life of Jesus Christ. I tell you it really challenged me in ways I never imagined.

Q: So in creating this devotional was there anything that really surprised you?

M.King: Hahaha, you know what it was really interesting to look at 10 days worth of things that Jesus did and really have to think about the divinity and humanity of what He did while on the earth.

It really made Him seem so much more like us, but it also showed me how He really did overcome the world, to show us its possible.

Q: So wait...... You said 10 days, what happens to the 11th day?

M.King: Hahaha yeah I know it was gonna be 11 days but when it was all said and done, 10 days are what came out of this time of prayer and devotion.

You know its really funny how a man makes plans and God really does order their steps.

Q: Lastly, what do you hope people will learn from "Go With Jesus"?

M.King: You know I really hope people come out of the dark places that they are in whether it be rejection, or bias or even hopelessness. I really hope people see this devotion as a game plan to leave the things keeping them down and follow Jesus out of darkness into His marvelous light.

BLOG '19: Our Team
Q & A Feb '19.png


Q & A w/ M.King: Our 1st Devotional is on the Horizon

Let's look back at the month of February and talk with M.King about a month that had a lot of twists and turns and let's also talk about what's coming this spring.

Q: If you could define this last month in one word what would it be?

M.King: Hectic. That's the word I would use, hectic. The reason I say that is because in January signed with a CPA and tax advisory firm to help us on the backend with taxes and small business laws, so that has been really new and then this month I have been working on our very first book, which will be a devotional.

Q: So in your opinion would you say it's been a good hectic or bad?

M.King: You know to be honest change and growth is hectic at times and tough, but to be honest, in order for us to carry our cross onward I truly believe that this is where the Lord wants us to step into, adding onto our team behind the scenes and working on our very 1st devotional. Both which aren't easy, but are very much possible with God, so I would have to say a necessary hectic, but a good one

Q: So this devotional that's coming soon, can you tell us more?

M.King: The devotion is a devotion that will show people the divinity of Christ, as well as His humanity. We in the church always say that Jesus dealt with the same problems we did and my hope is that this devotional called "Go With Jesus" will be an answer to some of those problems many of us have faced in our walk

Q: Lastly, any timeframe, when this devotional will make its debut?

M.King: Look forward to seeing it in late March of this year

Q & A Jan '19.png


Q & A w/ M.King: A Fresh View on Pine Trees?

This month's Q & A kicks off the year with a new approach to our media and a very different view on pine trees and our Christian faith.

Q: This year is starting off with a devotion series, this is a very new piece of media, what brought this on?

M.King: Well it was honestly something that came about due to some changing around of media projects, so when the time came for what we were gonna do to kick off the year, the Lord dropped in my spirit to do a devotion series involving something always around us, and that something ended up being pine trees.

Q: In creating this devotion series what were you hoping to show believers?

M.King: You know it was a really interesting time planning out this series because originally I wanted to do a 3 part series, but the last part seemed too common and not really any real revelation. So it was funny how the Lord had me focus on 2 aspects of pine trees, 1) how they thrive and 2) how they give.

Q: Looking down the road for these devotion series, what are the odds we are gonna see more of these in the future?

M.King: I really see the odds pretty good with us doing another devotion series, this was really a challenge for me working on this, I mean you would never have noticed it, but it all kinda began with a dead pine tree in front of my apartment building (chuckles) but I mean who knows what God has in store for us down the road ..... We'll see.

BLOG '19: Our Team
BLOG '19: Our Team
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