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Q & A w/ M.King: Black America Gets Taught By M.King

In this Q & A, we speak with M.King about a 2nd Special Report in production called 'Black America We Have A Problem!'

Q: Black America: We Have A Problem! What is this new production all about?

M.King: This production was done because I have always in my heart felt as if the African American community has always missed something. When everyone was out marching concerning George Floyd I personally as a devout Christian was wondering what I should do. It was during that time that I fasted and prayed and God really showed me that Jews and African Americans are very similar to an extent. The Jews over time have been blessed while the African America community struggles to understand God's blessing. Personally, this is the reason why a production like this to me is necessary....... 


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M.King Media's "The Friday Blog" Begins Streaming Its 8th season


MESA, Ariz. - April 18, 2022 - PRLog -- M.King Media, the "Creative Christian Media" organization, on April 9th begin streaming the 8th season of its original series The Friday Blog. The Friday Blog is a fun series that takes everyday items and turns them into tools to share the good news. The series written, produced, and starring M.King (Marcus King) takes a USB charger, screwdriver, a stamp, a nail clipper, a rubber band, and a small mirror and uses them in the most unique ways...


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Q & A w/ M.King: The Friday Blog Is Filming Season 8

In this Q & A, we speak with M.King about the 8th season of The Friday Blog and the 4th season using everyday items to share the word in unique ways

Q: In this next project, you'll be using everyday items to share the gospel. Was this season of The Friday Blog more difficult than others?

M.King: To be honest, this season of The Friday Blog was more challenging. I had a lot of studying to do for on-the-job training, so that limited the amount of time I could spend on this media project. I'm thankful to the Lord that He really helped me accomplish this. You know unique trials and tribulations really can bring out God's best in your life......


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M.King Media's 1st Special Report "Are We The Church?" Is Now Available


MESA, Ariz. - March 12, 2022 - PRLog -- M.King Media, the "Creative Christian Media" organization, on March 10th, begin streaming its latest media production and 1st ever original special report titled Are We The Church?. Are We The Church?  is a single episode special, written and executive produced by M.King (Marcus King). Are We The Church? looks at 4 prominent Christian beliefs in the church today and investigates each one to find both similarities and differences to ultimately answer 3 key questions..........


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Q & A w/ M.King: M.King Creates A Special Report Concerning The Church

In this Q & A, we speak with M.King about creating M.King Media's first Special Report and how this investigative approach can bring the organization into a new type of media production.

Q: This month the organization will be doing a 'special report', tell us more?

M.King: You know for a long time as a believer I have always had questions. I have always wondered about things. I've always had opinions about certain things and, I've never felt like I've had the proper place to investigate these ideas or put these ideas out in a more constructive way......


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M.King Media's Mini-Documentary About William Tyndale Spotlights the Great English Bible Translator


MESA, Ariz. - Feb. 9, 2022 - PRLog -- M.King Media, the "Creative Christian Media" organization, on February 3rd, 2022, began streaming its original mini-documentary William Tyndale: Documentation Beats All Conversation. The mini-documentary was produced, written, and narrated by M.King (Marcus King) Founder of M.King Media INC.


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Q.&A. w/ M.King: Impacted by William Tyndale's Life

Today, we go behind the scenes with M.King about his latest mini-documentary, William Tyndale: Documentation Beats all Conversation

Q: Why did you feel the need to make a mini-documentary about William Tyndale?

M.King: This mini-documentary was made because I really felt compelled by William Tyndale's story. Just to hear how he was willing to rebel against the norm and translate the Bible into a language that people saw as lesser than. It was just something that motivated me. He was willing to devote his life to a work that God was calling him and that wasn't popular. Tyndale was interested in pleasing God and not pleasing man even to the point of being a martyr for it.

Q: What is something that you learned from this mini-documentary, that you feel is going to stick with you?

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M.King Media Releases A Story Celebrating Life After Death

This month M.King Media released an animated story called 'Field of Faith'. The story is based on Hebrews 11 (the Hall of Faith) and what would it look like in our modern time. It was created in the month of December '21 but extended into part of January '22 when some delays took place.

M.King, Founder of M.King Media had this to say: " With this story, I really wanted to think about the Hall of Faith beyond scripture and what would happen if it was real. So I kind of got curious about the idea of a park or Memorial and what would it look like if all the Christians were buried together who endured for the faith." 

This production took a month and a half to complete and can be viewed on mkingmedia.com.