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Q.&A. w/ M.King: ‘Field of Faith’ Our Up-and-Coming Project

Today we talk with M.King about his latest project “Field of Faith” and find out what was the inspiration behind this 26th animated story

Q: What is this media project about?

M.King: This project is about the idea of what the “Hall of Faith” could look like. In this animated story, we have names of well-known Christians and behind the scenes, we have a pastor encouraging his flock talking about these great faithful lives and how we as followers can join them in this “Field of Faith”.

Q:  Why did you want to create an animated story that talks about past disciples in Christ?

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M.King Media's Newest Devotional 'Spiritual Battle Rattle' Is Available Online


M.King, Founder & President of M.King Media INC. recently debuted a devotional that aims to help believers as they fight the good fight of faith. This devotional called "Spiritual Battle Rattle", looks at 10 lies the devil has sold to the church and how God's word not only contradicts these lies, but also wants to embolden and empower God's people to be made for more.

"We are living in a day and time when the great commission looks like it's being fulfilled more by Satan than the church," M.King said recently. "Jesus said to be fishers of men, well Satan wants to mimic God and what better way to fish for men than to lie to them. This devotional aims at taking lies such as "What are you going to do to impress me" and "Christians Are Supposed to Tell Everyone Everything?" and holding them against the framework of the Bible to help people know what God says and give people the victory they deserve."......


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Q&A w/ M.King: A New Website with A New Webhost

This month we talk with M.King about the changes going on behind the scenes and how M.King Media is about to get a new web host and a new website

Q: So you've probably heard this already but, didn't we just get a new website almost exactly two years ago?

M.King: You are correct we did actually have to change our website two years ago. That was because flash was going out and we were getting ready to move to a responsive website. This time our web host is getting ready.......

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M.King Media Officially Announces New Website Coming

As of Wednesday, November 3rd M.King Media Inc. has officially announced, that it is working on a new website. The website will be hosted by Wix.

" We got the word in late September that Moonfruit our current host for the last eight and a half years was going to be shutting down," said M.King. "So here we are now trying to scramble to build a new website, move our domain name, move our email, and trying to get all the blog posts that we've done over the years so it's very interesting".

Currently standing King is also preparing something for followers of M.King Media in the coming weeks as well as getting ready to do the annual board meeting.

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Q&A w/ M.King: ‘Spiritual Battle Rattle’ to Help You Overcome 

In this Q&A we talk with M King about his latest devotional ‘Spiritual Battle Rattle’.

Q: ‘Spiritual Battle Rattle’ what an interesting term, tell us where did you get that term from?

M.King: Well, for starters when I was in the U.S. Army, the armor we had to wear we nicknamed it "battle rattle". Ephesian 6 talks about the spiritual armor of God so, when I was thinking about the armor of God and what we had have to wear in the military, that's where you get the term ‘Spiritual Battle Rattle’...



Q & A w/ M.King: A Different Way to ‘Motivate’ for 2021

In this Q & A with M.King, we talk about the changes made to “Motivate ‘21” in order to make it more engaging.

Q: This “Motivate” you changed certain things up, what was the purpose behind that?

M.King: 1.) The purpose behind that was to make it more engaging and 2.) The purpose behind that was to make it so that it wouldn't take so long to upload.....



‘Motivate ’21' Kicks Off 9th Ministry Season

M.King Media INC. has officially kicked off its 9th ministry season with Motivate '21 and this year's theme is 'Power'

This year's event is really something special. Not only is the event shorter than last year's by 30 mins it also has our sermon, worship, and a great interview (a first for our ministry) that is really sure to be such a blessing.

To enjoy Motivate'21 tune in on our Motivate page and stay tuned for our blog to learn more behind the scene tidbits.



Episode 6 ‘The Lord Is… My Shepherd’ Makes Its Debut

M.King Media INC. has debuted its final episode for summer 2021 in"The Lord Is..." series, "The Lord Is... My Sheperd".

"This episode is one that I'm sure many are familiar with," said M.King creator of the series. "Psalm 23, is one that I heard a lot growing among those who knew Christ and those who didn't, I truly believe this 6th episode will really hit home with a lot of viewers." 



Q&A w/ M.King: A Beautiful Psalm Makes for A Beautiful Production

In this Q & A, we speak with M.King about a modern and beautiful take on Psalm 23.

Q: For the viewer, this is episode 6 of "The Lord Is...", what did this episode mean for you?

M.King: You know for so many viewers this episode means a lot because it's such a powerful pact of scriptures, It's such a powerful Psalm. So for me........



‘Motivate ’21’ Will Embrace Gods Power

Every year to kick off our ministry season M.King Media begins with an event that started 5 years ago, that event is "Motivate". Motivate is an event that encourages people to take one day to use their money to do one thing to reach their community for Jesus. 

Founder M.King had this to say, "It's hard to believe it's been 5 years. I remember in 2016 going and renting out the room for the 1st Motivate, and getting the band and getting the food, and doing our 1st community project. It was a lot of work but it was rewarding to see how God could use our then 3-year-old ministry. Now here we are on the verge of kicking off our 9th ministry season and doing our event online for 2021. The things God can do when you action behind your faith.

"Motivate '21: "Power" will be streaming on Saturday, September 25th, 2021 

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Episode 5 ‘The Lord Is… My Shield’ Makes Its Debut

M.King Media INC. has debuted its 5th episode in a series that takes some well-known Psalms and turns them into modern productions with both modern-day photos and a more modern translation of the Bible.

"Oh yeah, I'm really happy with this production." said M.King "I mean it was tough having to push it back for a few days, but it's great to see just what we can do with this fun idea and how we can better put it out for people to enjoy "

While Episode 5 is finished and Episode 6 is the last production for the summer, there is hope that the organization can get more eyes on this production. The organization plans on changing its social media marketing in August, as part of a test program.

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Episode 5 'The Lord Is... My Shield' DELAYED

Due to circumstances outside of our control

"The Lord Is... My Shield" Ep 5 scheduled for July 31st, 2021 will now be

postponed until

August 2nd, 2021

Thank You for your patience

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Q.& A. w/ M.King: Dealing With the Tough Times in Episode 5

In this Q & A, we speak with M.King about a modern take on Psalm 35

Q: The next episode in "The Lord Is..." series is episode 5 and it's taken from Psalm 35, what did you learn from this Psalm?

M.King: You know in going over this Psalm one of the things I learned is that you're going to go through tough times. In life you have to deal with enemies, you have to deal with your adversary the devil, there's just no way around it and you're going to have these moments where you feel like you're under the gun.....

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*JULY '21 | NEWS

M.King Media Sets Sights on Apache Junction AZ. With Latest Survey

M.King Media INC. has surveyed people in Apache Junction Arizona looking to know one thing, Is there a market for people looking to go the 14-miles to Light Rail?

"While some people might take public transportation for granted, people in Apache Junction don't have that ability," said M.King founder of M.King Media. "This has been on my heart for years and it seems God may be moving on our organization to do something about it".

While there is no clear timetable M.King does believe that God wants to help people living in this community especially when it comes to the gospel and transportation. "All we can do for now is pray for wisdom concerning this and rest in the presence and timing of the Lord," said M.King.

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*JULY '21 | NEWS

Episode 4 'The Lord Is... My Light' Debuts 

June 30th, M.King Media released episode 4 of its summer series 'The Lord Is..'. The series takes various books from Psalms and creates beautiful encouraging media pieces with photography and narration.

"It's very exciting to be producing this summer series again said M.King. "I am a firm believer that people are being blessed by it"

"The Lord Is.." series continues into the summer with two more episodes. One in July and the other in August.

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M.King Media Channel got the music, this July 4th!

This July 4th the "M.King Media Channel" will be celebrating freedom in Christ, with a music marathon.

"It's incredible to live in a country like America and realize that you have such freedom to worship God but yet in other countries that's not the case. So this July 4th I think it'd be great if we come together and worship the freedom that we all share in Jesus Christ" said M.King

To watch the more than 6 hours plus 1/2 marathon tune in to the "M.King Media Channel" July 4th and enjoy

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Q. & A. with M.King

June 2021 Blog

In this Q&A we speak with M.King about picking up where he left off with last summer's devotion series "The Lord Is.."


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*JUNE '21 | NEWS

M.King Media Channel Celebrates Great Men of Faith

This Fathers Day the M.King Media Channel is celebrating fathers by looking at "Great Men of Faith". This "1/2 Marathon" will feature great Christians in the faith such as John Wesley, George Mueller, St Patrick, Martin Luther, and many more.

"I believe this is gonna be a very motivational marathon for not only those who love history but, also those who love stories and testimonies that strengthen their faith. said M.King 

This marathon will air twice on June 20th. Once at 8:32 AM and a 2nd time at 4:28 PM. Check out the M.King Media Channel to enjoy it.

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*JUNE '21 | NEWS

'The Friday Blog' debuts Season 7

It's been 2 years in the making, the 7th season of "The Friday Blog" has debuted. This clever show takes everyday items that you interact with within your daily life and uses them to show you how to spread the good news with others.

"For the last 3 season's we have been taking everyday items and using them to spread the message of Jesus Christ and it seems like just when our cup is emptied out God refills it," said M.King.

This season of "The Friday Blog" will take a water bottle, a lantern, and a candle just to name a few to spread the goodness to viewers

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MAY '21 | NEWS

Q. & A. with M.King: May 2021 Blog

In this Q & A with M.King, we talk about a long-standing staple of the ministry "The Friday Blog" and how season 7 is now underway.


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MAY '21 | NEWS

25th Animated Story Has Been Released 

On Friday, May 7th M.King debuted his 25th animated story "The Fate of Three Trees"

You know I really wanted to create an animated story that talks about 3 trees from the lukewarm, cold, and hot teachings Jesus said. I think this hits the nail on the head

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*MAY '21 | NEWS

M.King Media Channel Celebrates Mothers Day

On Sunday, May 9th Mothers Day will be celebrated, also on that day, the M.King Media Channel will be hosting a 1/2 marathon for 2 hours looking at 5 hopeful stories just for mothers.

"I've had the pleasure of really watching these stories and really felt they would be a blessing to mom's everywhere to remind them of the power of our God and the power of mom," said M.King

Check out the M.King Media Channel for times on when to tune in.

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Q. & A. with M.King: Apr 2021 Blog

In this Q&A we talk with M.King about an up-and-coming project revolving around three trees

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25th Animated Story Has M.King Looking at Trees?

On social media, this morning Founder and President of M.King Media, M.King posted that he was "Working on our next media project, looking at trees".

"Yeah I really want to start including our audience more in our behind-the-scenes stuff, haha, so that's what brought on the post," said King.

For more info check out the most recent blog post "A Lesson Learned From Three Trees"


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M.Kings 4th Devotional "They That Endure..." Debuts 

"They That Endure" a 10-day devotional that looks at 6 examples from the Bible to show us how to endure in desperate times, has made its debut.

"There is so much that can comfort us from God's word, in these very dark and uncertain times," said M.King concerning his new devotional.

The devotional is available for a $5 gift

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Q. & A. with M.King

Mar 2021 Blog

In this Q&A we talk with M King about his 4th up and coming devotional called "They That Endure“

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M.King Media Channel having two 1/2 Marathons in April

The "M.King Media Channel" is having two 1/2 marathons for the month of April. The 1st will be on Good Friday (4/2) and the 2nd will be on Easter Sunday (4/4).

Both 1/2 Marathons will feature the breakout hit "The Chosen" season 1

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Our Latest Mini-Documentary has debut

"St. Patrick: Patron Saint of the Irish" has debuted and it covers the life, legacy, and impact of the Patron Saint in our lives and lives all around the world.