BLOG 2021

Q & A w/ M.King: An Animated Story Called “Two Fields”? | January 2021

This Q&A we talked with M King about “Two Fields” his 24th animated story and we go on the inside to understand just why he created it and just what he wants to reach out and tell others that we need to learn

Q: So this next animated story is called “Two Fields”. Can you give us a little insight into what brought on the name and what made you want to create an animated story like this?

M.King: Well what brought it on is just the whole concept of sowing and reaping. You know you reap what you sow in life and I think when you look at the world you see saints and then you see the secular world. I really wanted to emphasize through “Two Fields” that if you kind of look at it, the secular world and the church are two different fields. In one field, you have the saints sowing unto God and reaping from God, in the secular world you have people sowing into the world and reaping nothing but the world or as the Bible says they reap the whirlwind. I really wanted to show that in a visual aspect just how God rewards the faithful and those who are unfaithful don't get rewarded.

Q: Wow so, from a visual standpoint what imagery can we look forward to in this animated story as far as you trying to get across the concept of “Two Fields”?

M.King: Well in this particular animated story the first thing I wanted to do was start off with you kind of looking down the middle of a road. On one side you have a lush field that's plentiful green and you can clearly tell has been worked and on the other side of the road is this brownfield that you can clearly tell has just experienced no real love no real support the trees are barren the house sits in the back and it's just dark. You understand the other field is light and you just feel like God's blessing is over there but in that other field you just feel like it's dark and cold that's the kind of imagery we're going to go with for “Two Fields”. 

Q: Lastly to wrap things up, is there anything you want to share with people to look out for in “Two Fields” or is there anything you really want people to learn from this animated story?

M.King: You know the one thing I really want people to understand is that the times are getting darker. We as believers can't just stand before the world with the same type of field they have just changed up a little bit to try to bring them into the House of God. We have to continue to stand in the spirit of God, we have to be different. You know Jesus said if you follow me just as the world hates me they're going to hate you so we have to understand that as much as we try we're not going to get the “popular people” to like us. Even in this day and age where you have the big tech on social media censoring Conservatives and faith-based organizations putting them on hate lists. You know we need to understand that the field we so in is the field we're going to reap from and we need to understand that the secular world and the ideologies of the secular world are not where we need to be sowing into. We need to be sowing into the spirit of God. So I really hope people are encouraged by that and they understand that when they see this animated story.

Side Note: “Two Fields” debuts on Feb 8th, 2021