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Q&A w/ M.King: A Beautiful Psalm Makes for A Beautiful Production | August 2021

In this Q & A, we speak with M.King about a modern and beautiful take on Psalm 23.

Q: For the viewer, this is episode 6 of "The Lord Is...", what did this episode mean for you?

M.King: You know for so many viewers this episode means a lot because it's such a powerful pact of scriptures, It's such a powerful Psalm. So for me, I really wanted to take something that has touched my life and others' lives and really do it visual justice, (laughs) and really impact people with images the way David does with his well-known words.

Q: When choosing the final Psalm for this season’s episode of "The Lord Is...", what made you go for Psalm 23?

M.King: You know to be very honest with you, it was how known it was, it was the idea of really doing a well-known and beautiful Psalm and it was well.... short. (laughs).

Q: Lastly, what would you like to share with viewers as a reminder when they view this or any episode from "The Lord Is..." series?

M.King: That the Bible is more than just black & red words, that's it's a book that needs to be applied to your life in order to be real, that if you don't apply it, you won't see the beauty in it, and you won't experience God's glory from its principles.

Side Note: "The Lord Is... My Shepherd" Episode 6 debuts Sept 4th, 2021


Q.& A. w/ M.King: Dealing With the Tough Times in Episode 5 | July 2021

In this Q & A, we speak with M.King about a modern take on Psalm 35.

Q: The next episode in "The Lord Is..." series is episode 5 and it's taken from Psalm 35, what did you learn from this Psalm?

M.King: You know in going over this Psalm one of the things I learned is that you're going to go through tough times. In life you have to deal with enemies, you have to deal with your adversary the devil, there's just no way around it and you're going to have these moments where you feel like you're under the gun. The one thing I like about Psalm 35 is it ends with the Lord and ends with the term vindication, it's in the last few scriptures. I like that we're all going to have to deal with our enemies but God will always bring us vindication.

Q: Looking back at the production, what was one of the toughest things you encountered?

M.King: Haha, You know one of the toughest things with this production, was really trying to find the right photos for a chapter in the book of Psalms that starts off pretty bleak. You know the other Psalms they talked a lot about the Lord a lot about his presence so you really felt like you had a lot to work with but, when you deal with tough times sometimes you have to look up like dark drab photography but in spite of that it still came out to be an encouraging production.... in the end.

Q: Lastly what would you like to leave our audience with concerning this next production?

M.King: The word of God is just full of so much information and so much wisdom. I truly believe if we dig into it and really see it for what it's worth and even apply it to our modern-day living, it can be more of a hope and more of a benefit to us than we could ever imagine

Side Note: "The Lord Is... My Shield" Episode 5 debuts July 31st, 2021


Q.& A. w/ M.King: Episode 4 of "The Lord Is..." Is Almost Here! | June 2021

In this Q&A we speak with M.King about picking up where he left off with last summer's devotion series "The Lord Is..“

Q: It's been a whole year since the last installment of this series, how does it feel to be back?

M.King: You know it feels really good to be back doing this production. Last summer I really feel like people were impacted by the 1st 3 episodes, so it feels really good to continue this series into this summer

Q: What was one of the things you enjoyed the most when it came to doing this production, Episode 4?

M.King: You know working on the "The Lord Is... My Light" I really enjoyed just getting back in the production chair and really working on this series. I mean I get so bogged down with various productions over the year/season, it's nice to sit back and really try to find images that correspond with God's word..... it's a nice change of pace.

Q: Lastly what do you hope the audience will gain from this production?

M.King: I really hope that people see God's word as something that is relevant. You know we can get so sidetracked in or day to day living that we just don't spend enough time in the presence of the Lord and just don't see it as something that works in our modern times.

I hope this series changes that, and I really hope how people see the word and apply it to their live changes

Side Note: "The Lord Is... My Light" Episode 4 debuts June 30th, 2021


Q&A w/ M.King: "The Friday Blog" is about to film season 7 | May 2021

In this Q & A with M.King, we talk about a long-standing staple of the ministry "The Friday Blog" and how season 7 is now underway.

Q: So for those who are new, what is "The Friday Blog"?

M.King: "The Friday Blog" is a web show that goes all the way back to its 1st season in 2014. That was a year after the ministry was founded, and although it's evolved over time, it's always been a platform to share the gospel. It was kinda like "Motivate Moments" in the early days, but now it's kinda a show that takes normal everyday objects and ties them into preaching the gospel.

Q: So this show takes everyday objects and shows people how to use them to spread the word of God? Isn't that a hard concept to do?

M.King: Haha, well you see it's been almost 2 years since season 6 debuted, but no seriously, it is a challenge because you have to look at things very differently and approach it in such a way that is simple for the viewer to not only grasp but also share with others. So there is a challenge there but it's a good challenge.

Q: So what is it you want people to learn from this series and season 7?

M.King: You know if all else I really want people to invite God to take the limits off their lives and really invite him to show them what He sees and really understand that the opportunity to share the gospel is all around us.

Side Note: " The Friday Blog" season 7 will debut June 7th, 2021


Q & A w/ M.King: A Lesson Learned From Three Trees | April 2021

In this Q&A we talk with M.King about an up-and-coming project revolving around three trees

Q: So this next project you're getting ready to do is about trees?

M.King: Yeah this project is an animated story. It's going to be our 25th and it's going to pretty much be focused on three trees, to put it mildly

Q: So with this animated story what is it that brought on the whole idea of using trees?

M.King: You know, I've always heard "The Story of the Three Trees". Each tree went on to help Jesus in his lifetime. With my trees I thought about the three people in the Bible who were given the talents, I also thought about being hot, cold, and lukewarm. I wanted to create my version wrapping in those principles to kind of speak to the viewer in a different message.

Q: So in doing this project can you share with us a few things that have happened behind the scenes that maybe might surprise us?

M.King: You know to be honest this month has been one of those months. It seems like in April everything that could have been off was off, also during the creation of this story, I was working on a NEW project that has been burning in my heart. So for a month that I thought was gonna be chill, it ended up being more eventful than expected.

Side Note: "The Fate of Three Trees" debuts May 7th, 2021


Q & A w/ M.King: A Devotional For "They That Endure" | March 2021

In this Q&A we talk with M King about his 4th up and coming devotional called "They That Endure"

Q: For the month of March you spent a great deal of that time working on your 4th devotional, tells us about that?

M.King: Yeah this devotional was one of those things where I found myself praying and seeking the Lord about the world we live in, about how we have a society that is canceling people out, silencing conservatives, and rising against the firm foundation of Hope in our nation. So I found myself praying and seeking God about how should I approach this time in our country and the world and as I prayed for an answer from God's word, He encouraged my spirit to write this devotional.

Q: Wow so this devotional was written out of a spirit asking for advice from God's word. Can you tell us what you learned from this experience?

M.King: You know it's funny when you look at the church in America and you look at the church overseas you realize that we over here ain't seen nothing yet. So when I was meditating on the word and writing this devotional, that's kinda what came to mind. We haven't seen the worst of the worst, we haven't been in slavery for 430 years like the Children of Israel, We haven't been in slavery and then taken to jail falsely like Joseph, We haven't been taken from our homeland and made to serve a King who wants to kill me like Daniel. There is so much that can comfort us from God's word, in these very dark and uncertain times.

Q: Your so right, despite all we see, the world and the nation getting dark, it's not as dark as it could be. Any last words for our readers?

M.King: Just that we rise up and seek God's face and God's word like never before we can't lean on what culture is doing and wrap that in scripture we can't compete against culture we have to look to the son in this dark hour in our nation and our world we have to keep looking to the father that's what a lot of these people did in the Bible and that's what we have to do.

Side Note: "They That Endure" will debut on April 7th on our website


Q & A w/ M.King: The St. Patrick, We Thought We Knew | February 2021

In this Q&A we talk with M King about the up-and-coming mini-documentary about Saint Patrick.

Q: So this particular go around your working on a mini-documentary about Saint Patrick. Can you tell us a little bit about what you learned about his life from doing the research?

M.King: You know one thing I learned about Saint Patrick was the fact that he was somebody who put his faith and trust in the Lord in the direst of circumstances. You know if I was sold as a slave would I have been able to hang on and grow in my faith in the Lord?  

Would I have been able as a slave to pray every morning consistently not knowing when God was going to deliver me or not even knowing how I was going to get out of what I was going through?

For Patrick, I'm sure that took a lot of faith and trust in the Lord

Q: So hearing what you're saying, what made you want to do this mini-documentary about Saint Patrick of all people?

M.King: Well to be honest with you I think Patrick has always been someone that has always been very near and dear to everybody's heart because of Saint Patrick's Day. You know for me in hearing bits and pieces of his life I've always been intrigued how one man who made the ultimate sacrifice for an island of pagans is now remembered centuries later. It's always intrigued me how one person can impact so many lives if they put their faith and trust in the Lord and let his super fall on their natural.

Q: So for those that want to watch the mini-documentary where's a place we can do it and when?

M.King: Well to be honest with you my hope is to have this done by Saint Patrick's day which is the 17th. So we'll see what happens, I really want to try to get the essence of his life and just talk about how he impacted countless lives all over the world century after century.

Side Note: Look for "St. Patrick: Patron Saint of the Irish" March 15th, 2021.


Q & A w/ M.King: An Animated Story Called “Two Fields”? | January 2021

This Q&A we talked with M King about “Two Fields” his 24th animated story and we go on the inside to understand just why he created it and just what he wants to reach out and tell others that we need to learn

Q: So this next animated story is called “Two Fields”. Can you give us a little insight into what brought on the name and what made you want to create an animated story like this?

M.King: Well what brought it on is just the whole concept of sowing and reaping. You know you reap what you sow in life and I think when you look at the world you see saints and then you see the secular world. I really wanted to emphasize through “Two Fields” that if you kind of look at it, the secular world and the church are two different fields. In one field, you have the saints sowing unto God and reaping from God, in the secular world you have people sowing into the world and reaping nothing but the world or as the Bible says they reap the whirlwind. I really wanted to show that in a visual aspect just how God rewards the faithful and those who are unfaithful don't get rewarded.

Q: Wow so, from a visual standpoint what imagery can we look forward to in this animated story as far as you trying to get across the concept of “Two Fields”?

M.King: Well in this particular animated story the first thing I wanted to do was start off with you kind of looking down the middle of a road. On one side you have a lush field that's plentiful green and you can clearly tell has been worked and on the other side of the road is this brownfield that you can clearly tell has just experienced no real love no real support the trees are barren the house sits in the back and it's just dark. You understand the other field is light and you just feel like God's blessing is over there but in that other field you just feel like it's dark and cold that's the kind of imagery we're going to go with for “Two Fields”. 

Q: Lastly to wrap things up, is there anything you want to share with people to look out for in “Two Fields” or is there anything you really want people to learn from this animated story?

M.King: You know the one thing I really want people to understand is that the times are getting darker. We as believers can't just stand before the world with the same type of field they have just changed up a little bit to try to bring them into the House of God. We have to continue to stand in the spirit of God, we have to be different. You know Jesus said if you follow me just as the world hates me they're going to hate you so we have to understand that as much as we try we're not going to get the “popular people” to like us. Even in this day and age where you have the big tech on social media censoring Conservatives and faith-based organizations putting them on hate lists. You know we need to understand that the field we so in is the field we're going to reap from and we need to understand that the secular world and the ideologies of the secular world are not where we need to be sowing into. We need to be sowing into the spirit of God. So I really hope people are encouraged by that and they understand that when they see this animated story.

Side Note: “Two Fields” debuts on Feb 8th, 2021