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Founder & President of the Board

Originally from the city of Jacksonville Florida, M.King has always had a passion to share his faith in creative ways. Since the age of 13, (when he became a disciple) M.King has continued to stay active in ministry from being an usher, a youth leader, and even a Chaplain Assistant/ Religious Specialist in the U.S. Army. Today, M.King continues to share his faith with a Master's Degree from GCU (Grand Canyon University) & through his love of Christian media.


O R G A N I Z A T I O N  S T A T S

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 M.King Media has done a lot in 8 years | 185 Media Projects

74 episodes of “The Friday Blog”

23 pieces of collage art

41 “Motivate Moments”

25 animated stories

6 devotion series

5 “Motivate” events

4 mini-documentaries

4 10-day devotionals,

2 fasting and prayer events

1 24/7 channel, !!!!



2013 - 2021

2013: M.King Media begins under the name M.King Goods.

2013: M.King Goods releases its first animated story " A Stone"

2014: M.King Goods releases its first web series called "The Friday Blog"

2016: M.King Goods rebrands to "M.King Media" changing all social media, domain names, and title cards

2016: Collage Media debuts with an Easter Gallery of 8 original pieces of collage work made by M.King

2016: M.King Media launches 'Motivate.' An event that encourages worship and community service together. In 2016 & 2017 it was under the name Motivate PHX (Phoenix)

2016: 'M.King Media' creates its first app called Veterans Star, to help veterans find benefits in the Phoenix AZ. area

2017: 'M.King Media Channel': a 24/7 online Christian channel that begins on Easter Sunday

2017: 'M.King Media' creates its 1st mini-documentary "The Martin Luther Revival"

2018: 'M.King' Media becomes a nonprofit and incorporates n Arizona

2018: 'M.King Media' celebrates its 5th Anniversary

2020: 'M.King Media' becomes a 501(c)(3)


501(c)(3) Public Disclosure

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